A Sad Trend With Reality Shows

On the cable channels cheap reality programming thrives. The biggest expense on reality shows is the star to draw people in. Sometimes a situational reality show can be a hit, indeed this is the way reality shows got started with shows like Survivor, Big Brother, Real World. But a shortcut to quick dollars and viewers is to get a star to headline the show.

With one show, The Flavor of Love, rapper Flavor Flav had a house full of women biding for his attention and to ultimately be his single love. He tried this three times (three seasons) looking for love. Flavor Flav was a celebrity in his own right as a member of the famous rap group Public Enemy. His profile was enhanced just before his Flavor of Love show by being on other shows, including another reality show about him and Bridgette Neilson as a couple.

Famous For Being Famous

However, on his show, The Flavor of Love, an outrageous woman from the show was a breakout star and ultimately got her own reality show with the same format. New York was the moniker the woman chose for her attempt at Flavor Flav’s love (though always coming in second place) and ultimately became the name of her own show I Love New York. It had two seasons with men vying for her attention and love. A breakout from that show named Chance (also a runner up for the star’s affection) spawned a subsequent show. Again using the same format of the opposite sex looking to be his love, the show was named Real Chance of Love and has thus far been on two seasons.

The sad trend here is using the marginal “star” from one show to spawn another show, a pure money grab. Without a need for real talent or ability to propel a show, the returns are diminishing each season and each incarnation. It also conditions the viewer to expect less. Still, with so many channels needing programming, such reality show are easy and cheap enough to keep putting on the air. Then there is the off-chance that one show could actually hit.

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